Denise provides and available for both females and males:
1. Custom your closet- review your personal closet at your home; identifying what cannot be worn again, reviewing pieces that go together and taking pictures of outfits that you have within your inventory/ closet that can be worn on daily basis , then shop or find new pieces to make outfits from what pieces you own that are classic and current.

2. Campus to career- work with college graduates who are entering the work force and need interviewing clothing as well as day in day out professional business attire. Interview student or individual heading into the work force to understand their personality and the career they are headed to, then take the client shopping for proper business attire.

3. Executive Personal Stylist – shop for men and woman who are short on time or inability to quickly identify fashion trends that are important to dressing for success. First pre- shop for customer ; then take the client shopping to meet his/ her needs and purchase the necessary clothing items:
A. Professionals returning to work place B. Families needing one unified look for a family photo shoot.
C. Bridal parties, help everyone with in a bridal party to find the appropriate outfits .
D. Contestants in beauty events needing special occasion formal wear.
E. Vacation wardrobes travel clothing that can be rolled and place inside suitcases that are classic and current.
F. Change in size after drastic weight loss – help you see yourself as beautiful,and find clothing that enhances your new slimmer shape.

4. Custom Personal shop for gifts for your loved ones – Privately or openly known to loved one , shop for gifts for all special occasions for you loved ones. Including : birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, CHRISTMAS, graduations, retirements, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day , weddings , birthdays, ; any special occasion you might have a need to surprise a loved one with a wrapped (customized for their personality, likes ) present/ gift with card and delivered to your office or home in advance of the date needed.

Please contact Denise for pricing. Contracts for yearly retainers. Shop yearly for loved ones or hold me on retainer for quarterly seasonal upgrading of your professional wardrobe, contract will be personal developed for your personal needs.